About Learning Loving Lunch Time

breakfast-186431_1920 about pageThe purpose of Learning Loving Lunch Time is to really open up the eyes of people who are searching and wanting to fall in love. Love is so simple, but when we mix all of our ideals and fantasies with the reality of who we are, it sometimes goes all wrong. We choose to accept another person into our distorted reality without getting to know them as we should. A loving intimate relationship with someone takes time. A relationship calls for two people to learn more about each other, all of the ins and outs, the good and bad, and then coming to a conscious decision on whether or not they are willing to work at a long-term commitment. We are in this day and time moving too fast. We ask people out for dinner and take it so very lightly. We are too casual in all that we do and allow the actions of Hollywood Society to be our norm. Let’s break away from the dinner time expectations of going back to her place for a night-cap. Let’s get back to the basics of dating and courting. Dating comes when you first meet someone and if there is a common interest the courting begins. If we would just only slow down and move to a lunch time state of mind, no expectations, just getting to know one another. It removes so much of the pressure to jump into something physical that neither party is emotionally committed to at that time. So many bad relationships would not form. We would not have to wake up one day not really knowing the person who has taken up so much our precious time. That person has filled one of the most important positions in our life, only to find out that they are not who we truly wanted and we were just settling. So, I hope that the stories that you find in the content of this Blog, allows you to put yourself in the role of that woman or that man. Try to find out where you think things went wrong and apply it to your current or next relationship . Make comments and interact with your fellow readers. Let’s learn about life’s challenges and come up with some solutions together. Thank you so much for Learning Loving Lunch Time!!!!!!